Nails of the month by Milly's - TOTORO + #FoodieFriday!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Went to the Milly's new outlet at far east plaza (just by the Level 3 escalator) and it's so nicely decorated! Bound to feel like royalty while getting your lash/hair extensions and nails done here. (:

I saw Elaine + nadnut's lash extensions from Milly's and got major lash envy so i wanted them too! Muahaha i did the cluster lashes this time round, shorter on the start and end of the eye and longer in the middle for a cuter, big round eye look but if you want the enlongated eye look, go for shorter at the start of the eye and gradually longer lash at the end!

Love it! Eye makeup has to be removed so this was how i look without eye makeup, with extensions! So awesome that it looks damn nice even without a dab of eyeliner and I'm ready to head out. Love love love!

Kawaii or not!!! Totoro nails to matchy with my totoro iPhone now! This set of nails is done by Chloe, super awesome or what?!

Far East Plaza: 67376723
Bugis Village: 63384137
SMS/Call: 83835395

Living the tai tai life with Feliciagyh! Lunching at Nana thai after getting our mani pedi + lash extension done together at Millys on a Monday afternoon! Hehe

Shopping and tea time!

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

One of my new kawaii buys on 65emall that I absolutely love!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hello! Previously I mentioned that I've ordered many many wedding related items from taobao via 65daigou services, and since then I've made quite a number of taobao orders from 65daigou for other items like clothes, shoes etc, i love love love shopping at home! Hahaha no more annoying shop assistants breathing down my neck to see what I'm shopping for and trying to up sell 10,0000 other items to me. 

And recently, I saw that they have a new site: !

Basically, 65emall is a Taobao aggregator which offers products including Home and Living, Fashion, Electronics, Toys, Kids and Baby, Travel, Beauty, Sports etc. The differences between getting items from 65emall as compared to Taobao is:-

Listings are in English so if you have a huge headache shopping on taobao 
because you're really bad in mandarin, there you go! (:

More than 80,000 products in 65emall are selected by their professional buyers. All items are eligible for exchange or refund within 7 days from the date of purchase if: It is of the wrong size/colour/model etc, it is damaged/malfunction 
And one thing that really caught my eye is:

They will match the price if you find a better price of that particular item!! Crazy or what?

I went ahead and made my first order and it arrived a couple days later, delivered right to my doorsteps and there was a SMS notification prior to the delivery similar to 65daigou which i find pretty exciting to know that my loots are coming that evening and I'm always looking forward to that! hehe

I ordered a furry knitted flower sweater and a hooded sweater for our honeymoon in europe! It will be in Nov/Dec in winter so I'm getting ready buying all my heat-tech thermals and sweaters so i don't freeze my ass off! haha i got a checkered CHERRY tee and an adorable Minnie Mouse Onsie for Felicia's baby! Super ultra adorable or what, they have daisy, mickey etc other disney characters too!

Another reason to shop on 65emall, like if you're only buying 1-2 items, you can save the unnecessary shipping fee as compared when buying from Taobao where you have to pay for the first 500g at a higher shipping rate.

Tony tony chopper! I've been re-watching One Piece so I'm back in my AHHH I LOVE KAWAII CHOPPER phase so when i saw this of course i gotta get it.

Heehe this soft silicon bear case is so cute! Big mouth bear! Love playing with the soft silicony hands hahaha

Can stand on it's leg too! Look at the little bumbum!

Here is an exclusive 10% discount for TheLuckiestChick readers, key in "Fidelis101" at check out. (min spending of $65) Valid till 31 August 2014

There is also a credit system where you will be rewarded for new sign-ups and product reviews upon receiving your items so you can use it to offset your next order (more details here:

PS: Update your birthday on your profile and you'll get rewarded 650 points ($6.50) instantly! (:
*Sorry for the previous typo!

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

[Ad + Giveaway] Good hair day, everyday – with Yun Nam Hair Care

Friday, August 22, 2014

I have been sporting long hair for many years now. I really like experimenting with different hairstyles whenever I go out to different events, and you probably know by now my hairstyles are the main reason why I take so many selfies all the time hehe! 

Fat side braid for casual dates

Half-ponytail braid for girly days out

Flowy and volumized for romantic dates

Honestly I have heard horror stories of scalp problems, dandruff, or hair loss that arise from chemically treating your hair or subjecting your hair to daily styling and it does worry me sometimes that my over-zealous passion for style will cause serious hair problems eventually. 

However, if I do ever end up with hair loss (gasp!) or dandruff (choy!), I know who I will turn to. 
A trusted hair treatment brand, duh!

Established since 1984, Yun Nam Hair Care has been recognised for using premium Ginseng, Dang Gui, He Shou Wu, Hong Hua and other exquisite Chinese herbs and advanced hair growth technology to penetrate active ingredients and nutrients into the scalp and hair follicles to greatly increase hair growth and significantly reduce hair fall. 

A wellknown heritage brand for decades, 

Yun Nam continues to offer its efficacy in helping countless customers recover from hair and scalp problems. For both men and women, treatment programs at Yun Nam are customised to provide you the assurance of looking good again and overcoming the insecurity of dandruff, itchy scalp, oily hair, hair loss, balding, thinning hair and premature greying or white hair issues.

The very kind people at Yun Nam Hair Care are offering a chance for you to enjoy 
1 session of their signature Herbalogy™ Hair & Scalp Treatment. 

Made from premium Ginseng and exquisite Chinese herbs, this advanced formula helps to solve hair and scalp problems quickly while minimising hair loss. To date, their trademark remedies have achieved a 98.7% success rate among their customers. You can definitely see visible improvements to your hair and scalp condition in just one treatment. Results guaranteed!

To redeem your complimentary treatment, simply fill in your details here: 

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

L&F Pre-wedding | Floral Bouquet by Flower Factory

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Flowers can't solve all problems, but they are a great start.
That's true, who doesn't feel a little better seeing a beautiful bouquet of flowers anyway?

My package with The Gown Warehouse includes a bouquet of flowers from Flower Factory for the pre-wedding photoshoot and I simply sent them Flower Factory a reference of the bouquet of what I had in mind and next thing i know, I'm driving to their outlet at woodlands (same building as The Gown Warehouse) the day before the photoshoot to pick the flowers up, easy peasy! (:

It was a combination of little daisies, billyballs, succulent, peony, david austin roses

Wedding Gowns: The Gown Warehouse
Makeup: Roselyn

Shop Florals: Flower Factory
Woodlands 11. (Near Admiralty MRT station)
Contact: +65 334 1101

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

Makan Hunts | Flavours at Zhongshan Park, Ramada Hotel

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Went to Flavours at Zhongshan Park, Ramada Hotel for a tasting session with nadnut, It's my first time at Flavours but it's quite a nice and really comfy place to spend the evening dining with friends and family, easy to navigate to from balestier road and easy parking too. (must mention because everytime i think of balestier i think of the headache from all the roadside parking!)

They are adding a grand total of 26 more items to their a la carte menu which includes appetizers, soups, western cuisine, Asian and Nonya specialties so I was really excited to be trying out some of these newly created dishes!

Simple #OOTD: Lace back top + burnt orange feather highwaist shorts!

They will be adding a new "Ah Hood Burger Stall" in the Afternoon with Bibik weekend high tea buffet (every Saturday/Sundays/Public holidays from 12pm to 3pm), basically it's this awesome DIY Kong ba bao station and there are 8 mouth watering "fillings" you can choose to DIY your "Ah Hood Burger" anyway you see fit!

Satay Chicken, Minced Char Siew, Chicken Floss , Hae Bee Hiam (Dried Shrimp Chilli), Otak, Mince Pork Roll, Curry Potato and and Minced Pork with Spicy Bean.. ahhh not good to be writing this while i'm hungry! Drooling just thinking of it haha

nadnut called it Fidel's disconstructed bun! hahaha I wanted to try a little of everything yet i want to keep some space for the courses later!

It was also partly because I just had my wedding dinner tasting session the night before and I was still feeling full even thou i skipped breakfast + lunch and this was my first meal of the day!

Deep Fried Otak with Curry Peanut Mayo – ($16.80)

Oh this is SO GOOD. They call this the Asian style fish + chip, homemade Otak Otak fried in batter and served with curry spiced flat fries and a homemade dip made of mayonnaise with peanut butter and curry powder. To be honest i'm not even a huge fan of otah(s) because i always think there is this weird unnatural taste to it, but THIS is just something else. Super delicious! The batter is so airy and as weird as it sounds, the curry peanut mayo absolutely completes this dish.

Beer Marinated Crispy Pork Belly with Mashed Potato – ($20.80)

This dish take a whole of 2 days to make, and anything that take so much time is bound to be fantastic! Chef Melvin first marinates the pork belly in beer for a solid 24 hours, then cooking it in sous-vide for another 24 hours to lock in the flavour and moisture before baking. The taste of beer in this dish is not overpowering, it's oh-so-very tender and the skin is baked to a perfect crisp!

Spice Marinated Slow-Baked Duck Leg – ($24.80)

The duck leg is marinated with a special blend of spices created by the Chefs after much experimenting. Cooked sous-vide for 24 hours, the duck leg is then pan-fried till the skin is crispy.

Prawn Laksa Risotto with Coconut Cream – ($18.80)

Mmmmm Italian meets Asian risotto with Asian ingredients such as laksa paste and coconut paste, and accompanied with fresh seafood such as scallops, squids and prawns. I didn't think i would like this dish so much since i'm not usually a huge fan of risotto, but the laksa and coconut paste combination is too good to pass up on!

Ahh really not a good idea drafting this post while i'm hungry, tummy is growling now and I'm gonna go make plans to bring Leon to Flavours at Zhongshan Park very very soon!

Eat: Flavours at Zhongshan Park
Reservations: + 65 6808 6846

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

L&F Wedding | First attempt on making boutonniere(s) for my wedding party!

Friday, August 08, 2014

Hello! I mentioned previously that i started making dried flowers in this post so i could create my own boutonniere for our wedding, they are dried and ready to be used so I made 3 variations for the men, one type for the groomsmen, one type for Leon's family, one type for my family!

So excited because this is my first attempt in doing this and with the limited materials i had on hand, I think I'm quite happy with the results. :D

I spent all night arranging all 9 of them and tying them nicely with a cute teenie weenie rubber band to hold it in place, finishing it off with some twine to complete the look!

Used some glue and some of my old hair clips to make sure the twine is secured before the glue is dry.
TADAH!!! All good to go!

For the groomsmen's boutonniere, I used a mix of these dried flowers:
baby's breath, lavender, wax flower berries and leave stalk, billyball, crested dog tail

For the grooms men's boutonniere, I used a mix of these dried flowers:
baby's breath, lavender, hydrangeas and crested dog tail (purple ones for his family and teal ones for mine!)

The dried lavender used makes these boutonniere smell freaking AMAZING! So dreamy and pretty, i think it's pretty good for a first attempt! hehe I can't wait for them to be worn! I love that these are dried flowers so at the end of the day, it can be kept and preserved nicely. (of course that's if they want to!)

I'm still thinking of what to do for the ladies corsage, but I'm sure I'll think of something soon! (:

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

[ TAIWAN '14 ] 7 days of Summer ☀ Day 03

Monday, August 04, 2014

Had a short break from blogging last week because i was busy looking for accomodation and planning for our 18 days honeymoon to the UK + Europe right after our wedding! 

We're renting apartments from Airbnb all the way except for Venice where we'll be staying in a hotel hehe I'm super excited to planning for the trip so if you have any advice for (London/The Cotwold/Zurich/Venice/Paris) please please please feel free to comment on the chatbox on the right sider/end of this post or even email me if you're shy! :D

So on our Day 3 in Taichung, finally the pre-wedding shoot is OVER!! Now we can shop/pig out however we want not worrying about our extra "tyre" around our belly muahahah

Sneekpeeks of the shoot here and the "behind of the scenes" of the shoot here,
We moved over to INO Home because we had an amaaaazing stay the last time round but they seem to have made some changes to the breakfast included in the stay and although it's still pretty good, i miss the breakfast I had there during our last stay there. ):

We stayed at Room V this time (last trip was Room F), it's definitely more spacious but equally as comfortable as Room F. A couple snapshots of the room itself:

It has a lovely outdoor space which i think would be much more enjoyable if we were there in any other season except for summer haha because all we wanted to do was escape the heat.

★ Stay: INO Home  NT$2000 - NT2400/night

Taichung, Taiwan 403
04 2376 3353

Having a good hair day! I've recently starting using a "lazy method" to curl my hair, it's not exactly SUPER QUICK or anything but it definitely takes half the time + it looks slightly more natural as compared to curling it layer by layer from back to front, maybe i'll do a video to share soon! (:

Breakfast at INO Home which was included in the room rate, Leon didn't really like his but i found it pretty interesting.

I love mine thou! Yummy toast with pesto sauce + grilled bacon cheese.

Comes with a yummy freshly squeezed juice and custard pudding (yums!)

Just the right way to start any morning really, taking time to actually taste my breakfast and enjoy a good read. After breakfast we walked over to 爱情蔓延, the bridal gown studio to return which is coincidentally located just one short street across from INO Home! As usual Hei (my co-ordinator from 爱情蔓延) was super sweet and cheerful bright and early in the morning! 

Returning the gown was easy peasy and we were  soon on our way to cab to 一中街 soon after to get some shopping and nomming woohoo!!

Oh this is SO DELICIOUS! 
Aburi beef cubes, a simple little cube of juicy tender meat ahhhh just drooling thinking about it. 
And this is like NT60 less that $3!

Oh so i had to go grab some tampons in the middle of the day (LOL) and i was asking around one of the shop owners that i bought the Totoro iphone case from and they asked me to check our Poya 宝雅.

OMG girls, if you're the kinda girl who gets stuck in Watsons shopping for cosmetics/skincare/personal products what not, this is the place to be. HAHAHAH you know how in tw watsons and cosmed is crazy like 3 levels full of goodness. but POYA has an even BIGGER range as compared to Watsons!! I was glued to that place for at least 1.5-2 hours that afternoon, thank god for Leon's patience for me with crap like this.

POYO House 宝雅

You can find the store location according to the cities, it seems like they are bigger in Taichung, there's one at 一中街 and another  in 逢甲夜市, but i wanted to go to a POYA back in Taipei to stockup on a certain product and it was very hard to find our way there even when we asked around for directions.

Here's one for you HK lovers! They even have HK taiwan beer, kawaii!

LOL carrying all our loots, emphasizing OURS cos he shopped a hell lot too! PS: I love going on shopping travel trips with him cos it's like bringing a camel out!!! HAHAHAHA Can carry a whole load of crap hahahahah I'm so mean.

Shopping buys from POYA and some other random store, clothes buys not included! hehe

I'm a sucker for packaging, really, anything with nice packaging, lay it in front of me and i will WANT it. 

I literally have 10 boxes of lashes sitting around at home waiting for me to use and i found a NEED to buy these cos the packaging is so pretty!!! Hahahah i'm terrible, but I always buy the good quality ones so these will never go to waste cause i will definitely wear them at some point (of my er... life?) hahahah maybe if i keep this up i will have enough to use till i'm a 60 year old ah ma.

Bought many many many months worth of contacts because I bought one box to try first and I got to love how comfy it is and the colour is quite pretty too! Bought a variety of monthly, dailies and  2-week(ly-s? haha) (:

So kawaii right! I'm using the ORA limited toothpaste and mouthwash now (super kawaii packaging) and i saw this SODA mouthspray!! hahahah

Kose Elsia 蜜粉, i got attracted to it because i saw the retain moisture portion and i didn't regret trying it! I think for oily + dehydrated skin is so troublesome when it comes to touching up makeup since our T-Zone gets oily quicker, we tend to touch up more and if you touch up too much your makeup will "crack" into the fine lines area like your smile lines etc but i feel that this really helps because it's not as drying as some of the compacts i've used for touch ups! Should have bought 1 refill! *kiasu* LOL

Hello! Heheheeeee

So cute right! I keep playing with the whiskers and ears and Leon makes a super convincing imitation of totora "HEHEHEEEE" in and it definitely ups the kawaii factor for me!! hahaha

Dined in at INO Home but it wasn't very good. 

My first trip here i could NOT stop raving about the waffles even months after i got back from the trip but i was extremely disappointed to say that the standard of the waffles have dropped immensely and i wouldn't recommend people there for waffles anymore. Boo ):

Scones hard like rocks and not very tasty either, waffles wasn't good and the pasta was OK, i guess?
Overall, not satisfied with our meal at all, so we head out to 一中街 for more yummy nom nom and shopping!

More walking for us then!

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.